World renowned Nepali Astrologer Pandit Ojaraj Upadhyaya Lohani. is expert in vedic astrological teachings. Over three decades he has not only analysed thousands of individual horoscopes but also predicted many major events and has been recognized for prediction of Nepal’s Royal Family Massacre. He served a number one media house Kantipur publication for 22 years as news paper astrological columnist. He also served as a astrological television programme presenter for more than 6 years in Kantipur Television and 4 years in Terai Television. Through out his astrological journey he has helped thousands of individuals and leaders to take better decision in difficult life changing situations by analyzing their birth chart and giving them insights.

On the course of providing services to his believers he has visited around the world. He has been providing services to Nepalese and foreigners in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Australia and Nepal. He occassionally travels to United States, United Kingdom, various countries of Europe, Japan and Australia to provide service to his believers in person.

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